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Registration Process

Registration for Summer 2024 is fast approaching!

Bellow, you'll find all the necessary information you need to be ready for registration on Saturday, March 2nd at 10:00am EST!


This years registration process will be different from the previous years. On March 2nd, at 10:00m, we will be posting a link on our website that will bring you to the required google-form registration document for summer 2024. The form will have various short answer questions, along with some multiple choice questions in order to get all the required information we need. Once we receive your google-form, we will reach out and confirm your registration. Should any of your preferred session dates and times be unavailable, we will work together on finding another time that suits you and your family best.


Note; some questions are required (which are marked with a red astrix) meaning, you will not be able to submit the form unless they are all answered.

Keep in mind, registration is on a first come, first served bases. If you do not hear from us the day of, expect an email by Sunday April 7th. 

Your Safe Swim Team 



We are partnered with the Lifesaving Society and will be following their teaching guides and levels.

If you have previously taken levels under the Red Cross, please visit this link bellow for a comparison of the levels:


For more information on the LifeSaving Society's
Swim for Life; Preschool and Swimmer Levels,
please click the links bellow:

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