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Helpful Information

How does your program work?

Our lessons run on a two-week cycle from Monday to Thursday, leaving Fridays for cancellations due to bad weather). Swimmers will show up to their scheduled lesson at the same time, from Monday to Thursday, for those two weeks. We are partners with the Red Cross and follow their teaching styles and grading through the Lifesaving Society. Upon completion, the swimmers will receive a Progress Reports indicating whether or not they passed their registered level.

How young can my child(ren) be? Can I register my infant?

It is never too early to get in the water. We typically suggesting registering your kids around 12 – 36 months. Red Cross Preschool levels are typically for 4 months to 6 years old. Red Cross Swim Kids levels are typically for kids ages 5 years and up. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates as every child(ren) is different and excel at different paces. Note: this upcoming year we will not be teaching any parent-and tot lessons.

Can my kids be in a lesson together?

If your kids are at the same level, yes. If they are not, we suggest you register them for their own private lessons or semi-private/group lessons with other swimmers at the same level.
We cannot guarantee that we will have other swimmers at the same level and/or of same interest as you, therefore we ask that those registering for semi-private or group lessons, find their own duo/group members. When looking for your duo/group, it is important to find friends/swimmers at the same level as your child(ren). We find that a lot of time can be wasted on not only managing safety but also on the fact that two lesson plans then need to be made in order to accommodate each swimmers needs. If you cannot find your own members, yet would still like the opportunity for semi-private or group lessons, please make a note when registering.

What if I don’t know their level? What if they’ve never taken lessons before?

On the first day of lessons we will assess their comfort and skill level, which will then determine their level and our teaching style.

What do I bring to my kids lesson?

Please have your child(ren) dressed in their swim suit and ready to go when they arrive. Sunscreen should already be on (as it takes roughly 15min to absorb into the skin), hair is tied up (as it blocks their vision and keeps the pool tidy), and try your best to go to the bathroom before you arrive (never hurts to try). Goggles are not necessary (in fact we try our best to encourage our swimmers to swim without them) however, they often serve as a nice safety net for kids when putting their faces in the water for the first time, therefore we will leave the option of bringing them, up to you.

Where can we change/ go to the bathroom?

We have a bathroom located inside of our home, through our kitchen. This bathroom will be used for emergencies and necessary cases. Please go to the bathroom before you leave and arrive dressed for your lessons.

When should I arrive to my lesson?

5min before. We teach minute to minute, therefore your child(ren), will not enter the pool until their scheduled time.

Where do I park?

Parking is tricky. We have a semi-circle driveway, with one end shared with our neighbours. It is essential that you do not block their access. When facing the house, please pull in and park on the left side of the semi circle. Do not park at the end of the driveway. Other parents/caregivers need room to park as well. Please note that you may need to move your cars between lessons to make room for incoming and outgoing parents/swimmers. We really appreciate your patience and cohesion on this matter.

Can I stay and watch?

Yes. Please keep in mind that this is our home. Be respectable, put the chairs back and clean up after yourselves. We ask that you remain around our deck area during the lessons. There is a nice big table where you can sit and hang around.

Do I have to stay and watch?

No. You are more than welcome to go for a walk, grab a coffee, go to a park, get some errands done, go for a drive etc... There is a great coffee shop, just around the corner from us on Bank and Sunnyside, feel free to go check it out: Happy Goat Coffee.

Do you teach in the rain?

Yes. We only cancel lessons in the case of thunder or lightening. Should we have to cancel your lesson, we will contact you to reschedule the lesson.

Do you offer lessons on weekends?

No. We teach Monday to Thursday from 9:00 – 6:00pm. Fridays are our makeup days, should we have any cancellations.

What is your rescheduling policy?

We only reschedule lessons in the case of bad weather. Being that we cannot control the weather, we need to make sure that we reserve our two Fridays for any such possibilities. Please do not contact us about rescheduling a lesson for any other reason.

Do you teach adults?

No. We currently only offer lessons for kids and young teenagers.

Do you offer lessons in the fall?

No. We only offer lessons in the Spring/Summer months as we use an outdoor pool to facilitate our lessons. 

What is your refund policy?

One month notice, 100% 

Two weeks notice, 50% 

One week notice, 0%

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